Edit and Customise your User Profile

Step 1: Login to your account and click ‘Settingsin the left vertical panel.
The first tab you see is ‘Personal Details’.
You will edit this to customize or modify your user profile.

Step 2: Below are the fields that you can edit:

  1. Email address – You can change the email address that is connected to your Secure-Mail account. **Note** Only professional users (Clinicians and Medical Office Staff) can update their email address directly, patients should contact support@brightsquid.com to to update their information.
    Click ‘Changeenter the new email address & password and click ‘Save.
    You will receive a confirmation request message on the new email address.
    Click ‘Confirmto change your email address and login to your Secure-Mail account using your new email address and the old password.

If you do not want to go ahead with this process click ‘Cancel’.

  1. Password – You can change your password by clicking ‘Change’. 
    Then enter your 'Current Password' followed by the 'New Password' that you want to change it to and click ‘Save’. If you do not want to go ahead with this process click ‘Cancel’.

  2. Prefix – Select the 'drop-down' list to choose the most appropriate prefix that describes you.
  3. First Name – Type your first name here preferably with the first letter in CAPS.
    Example, Tony (not tony)

  4. Last Name - Type your last name here preferably with the first letter in CAPS.
    Example, Leong (not leong)

  5. Speciality Name - Select the 'drop-down' list to choose the most appropriate speciality that describes your practice.

  6. Work Phone and Mobile Phone – Enter your work and mobile phone numbers respectively in these fields
  7. Association Name – This is not your practice’s name. This is where you enter the name of the association you belong to. Example, Alberta Dental Association
  8. Association ID – This is where you enter your practice’s registration/membership ID.
  9. Signature – What is the purpose of this field? The ‘Signaturegoes to the recipient’s registered email address as a notification each time they receive a Secure-Mail message from you.
    The 'Signature' field is already populated with text that establishes both authenticity and seriousness of the Secure-Mail Messaging platform. You are free to edit it as per the instructions of your Custodian or Privacy Officer.

  10. Secure-Mail Subject – This is not checked by default.
    If you check the box next to it, whenever you send a Secure-Mail message, the recipients will receive the same subject-line in their primary mail-box.  Please observe caution if you turn this option on and ensure that the subject-line doesn’t contain any patient health information.

  11. Receive Messages – This is not checked by default.
    If you check this box, a patient will be able to send a Secure-mail message directly to you. If this is not checked, then the patient can send Secure-mail message only to the clinic.

Step 3 – If at any point you want to undo the changes to what they were before you began editing, click ‘Resetat the bottom of the page and the changes will be reversed to what they were initially.
Note that if you click ‘Savefirst then the changes will be permanent.

Step 4: Once you have made all the desired changes and you are certain of the correctness, click ‘Saveto make these changes permanent.

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