Does Brightsquid offer video chat?

Brightsquid offers a secure and compliant service called Secure-Mail that is easy to use and ensures the privacy and confidentiality of patient information. It is very similar to the way you send out an email. It deliberately does not include a video chat functionality. Here’s why:

  1. Video chat is synchronous - It requires the patient and the health-care provider to be available to communicate with each other at the exact same time. This can hoard the doctor’s precious time which can be better utilized through multi-tasking during a pandemic outbreak like this one.
  2. Video Chat is time-consuming - Given the volume of COVID-19 related infections, clinics are swarmed with patients and calls already. The best way to service every patient is by reducing the lag-time. This is best done by chalking out answers to commonly asked patient questions and answering them using the Secure-Mail portal.  A video chat can last for at least 15-20 minutes since the doctor may have to spend time addressing the patient’s stress. This reduces the total number of patients that can be serviced in a day.
    With Secure-Mail, the doctor can assist the patient with solutions (self-assessment tools, answers to their concerns, follow-up details etc.)reducing the turn around time of every interaction.
  3. Quality of video may affect the diagnosis - Diagnosis on video may not be accurate due to technical glitches, patchy network, lack of records for future reference, etc. With Secure-Mail, patients can send video clips, photos, health reports as attachments. These can help in better diagnosis and also to follow up periodically with patients.

While video chat may deceptively come across as a convenient option, it has a host of disadvantages attached to it which can be easily countered by using Secure-Mail.


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