I am afraid I have COVID-19 but don’t want to leave my house.


If you are in medical distress please call 911.


For non-life threatening conditions most medical professionals are suggesting patients use a self assessment tool like the one below to assess the likelihood of a COVID-19 diagnosis.



Once you have completed the self-assessment you may want to share your results with your doctor.

Secure-mail allows you to send messages to your doctor from any Internet connected device.

First, log into your Secure-Mail account at https://mysecure-mail.com


If you do not have an account please contact our support team:

Email support@brightsquid.com

Phone 800 238 6503

Live Chat - see Chat Icon below

Once logged in, click the green compose button in the top section of your screen.

In the “To:” field type the complete name, email address or clinic and select your desired recipient from the list of contacts that show up.   Compose your message as if it were a regular email, type the subject line and enter the body of your message in the text box under the subject line.


When you are satisfied with your message click the send button at the bottom of the screen..

Once sent we will notify your medical provider’s office of the new message immediately, there’s no need to phone them to make sure they got it. 






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