What do I need to know about my patients to start using Secure-mail with them?

Secure-Mail is very easy to use and requires only 2 things from your patient-

Their correct email address and their official date of birth.

Once you have both these details you can invite any patient to start using Secure-Mail for free.

If some of your patients are technologically impaired or do not have an email address; their caregiver can interact with you. In these cases, the email address could be the caregiver’s but the Date of birth will still be the patient’s.

Please note that the caregiver could be a professional, family-member or friend.

In order to access their Secure-Mail accounts, patients just need to have a device (mobile, tablet, computer or laptop)  with internet access. Secure-mail can be used with most web-browsers and is very user friendly.


This short video tutorial explains the whole getting started process:


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