How can I address the needs of more patients during the COVID19 pandemic?

Healthcare professionals are seeing a jump in calls as Canadians come to grips with unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19 pandemic. While people are concerned about their health and want their questions addressed they are experiencing congested phone-lines to physicians. This can delay treatment exacerbating the health condition of the person and the community at large.

A single telephone call takes over 15 minutes of the physician’s time because they not just have to conduct diagnosis, but also have to manage the patient’s emotions. This limits the number of patient calls they can address in a day. It is easier for the doctor’s to address patient communication through a secure email platform such as Secure-Mail and reduce the patient’s wait time to get healthcare advice.

This is exactly why Brightsquid’s Secure-Mail is currently being used by thousands of clinics in Canada to fight the COVID-19 crisis. It is easy to use (just like sending an email), is compliant with the Canadian privacy laws and ensures confidentiality of health information.

Using Secure-Mail helps with

  • Social distancing
  • Preventing any infections by visiting clinics
  • Promoting speedy medical attention and service at the tip of the patient’s mobile phones

Encourage your patients to communicate with you using Secure-mail. Save your precious time helping many more patients and aiding them with a simple tool to ask questions and follow up on treatment plans - without them stepping out of the house.


This 90 second video explains the process from start to finish:


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