Activating a Patient Secure-Mail account on a Android/iPhone mobile device

The mobile device Android/iPhone is the starting point of internet access for many patients. Here is how to activate your Secure-Mail account on your mobile device:

  1. Tap/Touch on the Secure-Mail notification message sent from your health care provider in your email inbox:
    If the Secure-Mail notification email is not in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder.

  2. When the message opens, be sure to read the details carefully:
    To the middle of the message, you may have two options for account activation:

    (a). Tap on the light blue area that says “Create your free Secure-Mail Account”.c.png

    (b). Optionally, some patients may see the dark blue button that links to "MyHealth Records."  This button is only displayed to patients in Alberta and may be used to access Secure-Mail via that linked system.  Using the MyHealth Records portal is entirely optional everyone, regardless of location can register directly to Brightsquid using the first button.

  3. From this point, this tutorial assumes that you selected option 2.a. After tapping on option 2.a your mobile device launches the default mobile browser. The activation from loads and please pay attention to the name of the clinic, in this instance, that invited you:

  4. Enter your first name, last name and preferred password twice. If this activation is connected to a paediatric situation, please do not use the child’s name:
  5. Please ensure that the passwords match. Your password should be a minimum of eight characters with at least one CAPITAL and (1) number:

  6. Once the passwords match, proceed to enter your date of birth (DOB) tapping/touching the dropdown menu for your Month, Day and Year starting at the left:

  7. After tapping/touching on the respective DOB dropdown options select your Month|Day|Year accordingly:

  8. After selecting the DOB, tap/touch on ‘Register’:

If registration is successful, Secure-Mail redirects you to the ‘Terms of Service’ (TOS):
Please read through the TOS. At the end of the TOS tap the check box ‘I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy’:
The Accept’ button is then activated to tap. After accepting the TOS you are logged into your account:


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