Brightsquid Service Level Agreements

Brightsquid works with its customers to ensure that reported technical issues are prioritized
appropriately.  We base our response times and the actions taken to resolve a question or
problem on an assessment of the impact on your user experience.   The more serious the
impact the higher the assigned priority.


  1. Urgent - The problem or question results in an insurmountable interruption to use of the
  2. High - The problem or question results in an interruption to normal activity but does not
    prevent use of the service.
  3. Normal - The problem or question does not interfere with use of the service but requires
    technical assistance.
  4. Low - The problem or question requires an answer for informational purposes only.


Brightsquid will respond to issues as designated by the SLAs on the following time schedule.
In cases where a full resolution is not available in the designated time, an update to affected
users will be issued in the listed time increment:





*Issue resolution, workaround or action plan

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