Brightsquid Service Level Agreements

Brightsquid works with its customers to ensure that reported technical issues are prioritized
appropriately.  We base our response times and the actions taken to resolve a question or
problem on an assessment of the impact on your user experience.   The more serious the
impact the higher the assigned priority.


  1. Urgent - The problem or question results in an insurmountable interruption to use of the
  2. High - The problem or question results in an interruption to normal activity but does not
    prevent use of the service.
  3. Normal - The problem or question does not interfere with use of the service but requires
    technical assistance.
  4. Low - The problem or question requires an answer for informational purposes only.


Brightsquid will respond to issues as designated by the SLAs on the following time schedule.
In cases where a full resolution is not available in the designated time, an update to affected
users will be issued in the listed time increment:



Brightsquid Support - Definitions


Basic Support

Basic support services are provided to Subscribers and their contacts to ensure Brightsquid services are available and useful to all account holders.  There is no charge for the basic support services listed here.



Live Technical Support by phone, email, Secure-Mail and Live Chat is available from 8am to 5pm (Mountain time), Monday to Friday.  Users can connect with Brightsquid support services here -


Written and video based support documentation can be found here -


Feature specific training videos can be found inside the Brightsquid application ( in the “Training” section.



Account Creation, Configuration and Initial User Training (1 hr)

  • Brightsquid Account setup and configuration (Administrative Functions)
    • Clinic/Organization customization for Professional Users
    • Sub account user management for Professional Users
  • Secure-Mail Functional Training
    • Composing and sending messages with or without attachments
    • Accessing sent or received messages
    • Addressing messages to recipients
    • Shared Inbox and Message Routing Features
    • Message Template Creation and Management
    • Inviting new external users (Professional Users only)
    • Virtual training available via Technical Support Agents during support hours 
  • Automated Messaging Systems
    • Bulk messaging and Care Plan Management configuration
    • Appointment Reminders Initial Configuration (where available)


Ongoing Technical Support and Access Assistance  (as needed)

  • Account access assistance
    • Password Reset
    • Account Unlocks
    • User Profile Updates and Changes
    • Functional assistance
    • Administrative account updates
    • Troubleshooting

Practice Optimization for Professionals (1 hr)

  • Best Practices
    • Inbound Message Routing
    • Use Case training
    • Time Savers / Tips and Tricks

Support for Non-subscribed Recipients (as needed via Phone, Email and Chat)

  • Support for external recipients 
    • Accessing sent or received messages
    • Addressing messages to recipients
    • Connecting with external users via the Directories
    • Virtual training available via Technical Support Agents 
    • Composing Messages with or without attachments

Advanced Support / Professional Services

In addition to basic support services, the Brightsquid Customer Service team offers advanced services to users who need assistance with more complex and customized applications or reporting.  These activities are available as needed and may incur a fee above your regular subscription rate.


Available Services (Remote)

  • Bulk message data processing, set up and sending on behalf of your Clinic
  • Appointment Reminders configuration of settings in Brightsquid panels
  • Care Plan Management Configuration
  • Brightsquid account changes and/or recovery where no clinic administrator is available
  • Activity report generation (Messages sent or received, agent activities etc…)
  • Custom Training


Service Requests


The following advanced support services are available in accordance with stated subscription level entitlements. These services may be requested by submitting a ticket on Brightsquid's Customer Support Portal.






Pre-configured reports

Clinic Secure-Mail account administrators may request reports by sending a request to Brightsquid Support through the Secure-Mail application. The report is executed and provided back to the requestor (in .csv format) via Secure-Mail.

2 business days

Custom reports

Brightsquid works with the requestor to design the report. The consequent report is executed and provided back to authorized requestors in .csv format via the requestor's Secure-Mail account.

5 business days

Panel Message Data Processing

Brightsquid works with authorized requestors to configure the patient Panel Message campaign, coordinate the EMR data extract, format the .csv file, and send the messages.

3 business days

Appointment Reminder Configuration

Brightsquid works with authorized requestors to complete TELUS EMR interoperability request forms, optimize EMR scheduling configuration, and configure the Appointment Management application.

7 business days

Custom Training

Brightsquid works with authorized requestors to plan and deliver targeted training to targeted groups

5 business days

Clinic Administrator


Brightsquid works with authorized requestors to configure and/or make changes organizational accounts

2 business days




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