Pre Sending Notification Examples

The Pre Sending Notification feature was born out of users requests to include a message to senders who address messages to them.


Out of Office Notification

The most obvious use case for this feature is the "Out of Office" notification to senders.  In most old-fashioned email services users can set an OOO to notify senders of their availability AFTER they have sent a message.  With Brightsquid Secure-Mail, subscribers can post a message on their Clinic Directory page and on they Compose Page so senders see the notice BEFORE they send their message.


It would look like this on the Directory page:

that same message looks like this on the compose page:


Clinic Secure-Mail Policies and Use Cases

Subscribers can also use the notifications to inform senders of their clinic's policies related to the use of Brightsquid and set expectations related to response times.


Here is one example (remember that you can customize these messages to suit you specific needs):

Note that all patients already see this notification related to emergency scenarios (this message is not customizable):


Key Points to Remember

  • Notifications can include any message you need, however it is recommended that your message be less than 5 lines of text.
  • Enabling  notifications does not affect the ability for anyone to message you or your Shared Inbox.



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