Edit and Customise Clinic Members

Who can edit and customise?

The admin is the only person that has editing rights to this tab.

Step 1: Login to your account and click ‘Settingsat the bottom at the left in the navigation panel.
The third tab you see is ‘Clinic Members’. You will edit this to customise or modify information of members of your clinic. 

Step 2: You can add a new user by clicking on ‘Add New User’. This is located to the top right of the 'Clinic Members' tab.
Fill in all the fields mentioned below with correct information:

  • Email – this will be the primary email address of this user. They will be notified of a Secure-Mail message on this email address.
  • Prefix – Select the most appropriate prefix for the individual from a 'drop down' list. This selection is optional.
  • First Name/Last Name – Type in the correct first and last name ensuring there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Role – From the drop-down list, select the most appropriate role for the staff member. Typically the selection should be 'Staff'.
  • Work Phone/Mobile Phone – Enter the work phone number and mobile phone number of the staff member. This selection is optional.
  • Association Name – This is not your practice’s name. This is where you enter the name of the association you belong to. Example, Alberta Dental Association.
  • Association ID – This is where you enter your practice’s registration/membership ID.
  • Administrator – You can check the box if you want this person to be an subscription account administrator. By doing this you give the individual all the subscription admin rights. So be careful who you give admin access to.
  • Shared Inbox – You can check the box if you want this person to have access to the clinic’s shared inbox. With this access the individual can see all the Secure-Mail messages that are sent to the clinic’s 'Shared Inbox' by patients and professional users.

You can click ‘Cancelif you do not want to save the information. If the information is correct click ‘Save’.

Step 3: You can edit the information of the staff members by clicking on ‘Morenext to their names.
After you have finished editing, you have 3 options:

  • Reset – By clicking on this will reset the information to how it was prior to when you began editing.
  • Save – By clicking on this will save the changes you have made.
  • Delete – By clicking on this you can permanently delete the contact from the list.

You will see an 'eye icon aEye.pngnext to each field. This simply means that all the information about every Secure-Mail user in your clinic is hidden and secure for only the admin and Brightsquid to see.

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