Creating a Secure-Mail Panel Messaging registration List

If you have not created a CSV document with your patient data please refer to this support resource before continuing with this tutorial: [Creating a CSV Document].

Once your CSV document is created the next step is to create the list for the campaign. To access the Panel Messaging service access your Secure-Mail account and click on the 'App Switcher' icon at the top-left of the navigation panel:
Click on 'Panel Messaging' when the apps display:
When you have logged into the Panel Messaging portal, you are redirected to the ‘Patient Lists’:

If this is your first time accessing your account your list would be empty. To import your CSV to create a list do the following:

  1. Click on the ‘Create a New List’ button to the top right:
  2. The patient list form appears:
    Give the patient list a name and description to upload the CSV file. When done click the ‘Save’ button to the bottom right:

  3. A new entry is added to your Patient list:

After your list is created you can create duplicates by clicking the ‘Copy’ button highlighted by the red box. Also, lists that are no longer needed can be deleted by clicking the trash bin highlighted by the blue box:


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