Creating a Panel Messaging Campaign to invite new patients

Your Panel Messaging mailing list should have been created at this moment for the campaign. If not, please refer to the following resources before continuing with this tutorial:
[Creating the CSV List]
[Creating the Registration List]

In your account click on the ‘Campaign’ feature to the left in the navigation panel:
To the top right, the ‘Create Campaign’ button appears. Click the button to start building the campaign:

The ‘Campaign’ form is a multifield document to complete. Begin with giving your campaign a ‘Name’ and ‘Description’:

Ensure that the ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ of the campaign are detailed and concise for the panel message to be sent:

The ‘Patient List’ selection is next:
This is a ‘drop-down’ menu displaying all your saved patient lists. Select the list you created for your new bulk message campaign:

The next section of the form is the email notification that the patients receive when the Secure-Mail bulk message is sent:


Enter a descriptive subject into the ‘Email Subject’ field:

In the ‘Email Content’ field please take note of the statement highlighted by the red box:

Place custom email content here. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION.’ Please ensure that no confidential information is included in this section. You can insert a welcome message, or a general announcement to your patients, in this section with some customization. In the ‘Text Format’ section is the ‘Place Holder’ option:
The ’Placeholder’ options are derived from the CSV patient list uploaded for the campaign.

The First Name and Last Name options were selected for the welcome message.

Optionally, a SMS message can be sent to the patient’s mobile device:

The ‘Placeholder’ option is also included to customize the notification message. Please take note of SMS warning ‘Place custom SMS content here (max of 300 characters). PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION.’. Also, ensure that the SMS numbers in the list are associated with mobile devices.

The last section of the campaign is the confidential message section for additional customization. Click on the toggle switch to display this section of the campaign:

Enter a secure subject for the confidential section of the campaign. You can include the same subject as the non-secure notification message. As indicated in the CSV creation tutorial additional fields can be included that are specific to the campaign in the list. The ‘Placeholder’ includes the ‘hair colour’ option. This was included in the custom message inserted into the ‘Secure Content’ body. When creating the CSV for the campaign you can include additional fields for ‘placeholder’ selection to include in the confidential section for the custom message.

You can include attached files with the secure section of the campaign:
When all sections are completed click on the ‘Save’ button to the top right:









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