How do I update my date of birth?

Please note that patient users can only change their Date of Birth (DOB) after they have successfully registered. If you are attempting to register and your DOB is incorrectly entered in the Brightsquid system, please contact the health care provider who has invited you.



Step 1: Login into your Secure-Mail account via


Step 2: Click on ‘Settings’ in the left vertical navigation panel. You are now in your profile.

Step 3: Update your date of birth.

Step 4: Click on the blue ‘Save’ button to complete the update



Step 1: Same as the Desktop step 1.

Step 2: Tap/Touch on the Hamburger menu to the top left of your account as highlighted by the red box.

Step 3: When the navigation panel displays tap/touch on ‘Settings’. You are now in your profile. 

Step 4: Update your date of birth.
Step 5: Tap/Touch the blue ‘Save’ button to complete the update.

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