How do I forward a message from Secure-Mail?

Please note that you can use your Secure-Mail account to only send and receive messages from your medical/health care providers with Secure-Mail accounts. This platform cannot be used to send messages to family, friends and acquaintances.


Step 1: Login to your Secure-Mail account

Step 2: Open the desired Secure-Mail message that you want to forward.

Step 3: You will see 3 options - ‘Reply’, ‘Reply All’, and ‘Forward’. Click/Tap/Touch on ‘Forward’ to forward the message and contents to the health care provider.


You will see all the contents of the message below the sender's name and the date you received the message.

Step 4: You can edit or  elaborate the body of the message (but you will not be able to edit the subject line)

Step 5: Insert the recipient(s) in the ‘To’ field, review the message and click/tap/touch on ‘Send’.

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