What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Step 1: Go to http://health.brightsquid.com/login and click/tap/touch on ‘Forgot Password’:

Step 2: Enter your registered email address and click/tap/touch the button ‘Reset Password’.

Step 3: Be patient and wait for a few minutes to find the password reset notification in your registered email inbox.  Note that multiple password reset requests may delay access to your account.

Step 4: Click/Tap/Touch on the link hotspot, 'Reset Password', and set your new password. Please be mindful of Brightsquid’s password requirements which are as below. 


Password needs to have:

  1. Minimum 8 characters
  2. At least 1 capital letter
  3. At least 1 number

Step 5: Log in to your Secure-Mail account using your registered email address and the newly reset Secure-Mail password.

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