Configuring an Appointment Reminder

To configure your Appointment Reminders registered users within the clinic will log in using their Brightsquid account details at this location - 

Upon logging into the system, click the hamburger icon on the top left (if necessary) to expand the toolbar menu. 

These are the primary tools that authorized clinic staff can use to create, edit and monitor reminders.

  1. Appointment Reminders - Your clinic’s list of existing reminder configurations and their status
  2. Templates - The content of the messages that reminders will send to your patients ahead of their appointments
  3. Logs - A filterable dashboard of sent reminders, patient response status, etc…
  4. Upcoming Appointments - All appointments from your EMR, appointments listed here are not necessarily set to receive reminders
  5. Payment History - Past invoices and current usage tracking including the display of reminders available in the current billing period


Appointment Reminders

In this section of the application, you can create and edit appointment configurations.  When you first navigate to this page any existing appointment reminder configurations will be displayed as well as the “Set Up Appointment Reminder” button:


To view or edit an existing appointment reminder configuration click the “Pencil” icon to the right side of the screen.


Configuring a New Appointment Reminder 

To set up a new appointment reminder configuration, click the blue button to open the creation screen.


The first section includes the 3 fields pictured above, where users can enter:

  1. Name -  the name of the reminder configuration
  2. Description - a brief description of what the appointment reminder is about
  3. State - this field allows the user to set the reminder configuration to “Active” or “Inactive.”  The appointment reminder will not be configured unless to set the ‘State’ to ‘Active’

Note: None of this information is visible to patients.

The Brightsquid Appointment Reminder system is designed in a way that once the appointment meets certain parameters it will automatically send reminders to patients. These parameters are mentioned below and are a part of the second section:


1. Appointment Types - These are retrieved from the clinic’s EMR.  Any number of appointments can be selected without any restriction.  To select multiple options from this list, hold down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard and selection appointment types with your mouse (Single Click).

  • Select at least one of these options (or as many as desired)

2. Provider is - This signifies which providers or resources this reminder will be sent for

  • Select at least one of these options (or as many as desired)

3. When to send appointment reminders (maximum 3 selections) - This selection is to schedule when the reminders will be sent.


A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 selections can be made here. Note that for appointment type and provider you can select multiples by holding down the “CTRL” key on your keyboard as you click on various selections.  

Note: If the patient rejects the first or second reminder, they will not receive the next one(s). 

The third section is about what the clinic is sending out to its patients. These are:

1. Message Templates - This comprises the Email Notification Template and SMS Notification Template. Both of these will need to be configured in advance.  Please review the related support article.


2. Secured Content Message - The initial reminders that go out to patients will be delivered to them via email or text message.


Since these messages are non-secure the clinic needs to be careful not to include any personal health information. 

When the patients receive this reminder (via email or text) they will be able to log-in to verify their identity and to accept or decline the appointment.  To verify their identity the patients will need to use their registered date of birth.


The fourth section is-

Notification Priority - This is the notification channel that is used if SMS and Email are available for the patient. The one that you select will be the prioritized channel of sending the reminder.  If the selected priority channel is not available the system will try the next channel, if the patient has neither a valid email or mobile number in their patient record a notification will not be sent.


The fifth section is Patient Forms and it comprises of-

  1. Covid Screening - If the clinic checks this box a covid screening form will be sent to the patient that can be filled before they come to the clinic.



Attachments - The clinic can attach any additional attachments that they want the patient to go through such as pre-appointment forms, a list of things to come prepared with before a procedure, the clinic’s COVID-19 guidelines, etc.



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