Monitoring Tools



1. Logs

‘Logs’ is the third option in the hamburger menu on the left. 


This shows the clinic staff the appointment reminder communication was sent (or not sent) to the patient.



2. Upcoming Appointments

‘Upcoming Appointments’ is the fourth option in the hamburger menu on the left.


This gives you a birds-eye view of all the scheduled appointments. To see your upcoming appointments click on the drop-down arrow and select the range of appointments you would like to view. 


There are 4 options -

  • Next 7 days
  • Next 14 days
  • Current month
  • Next month

You can also use the search bar to narrow your search. You can search using-

  • Patient name
  • Provider name
  • Type
  • Status
  • Time (least preferred)

Brightsquid offers an interesting way of filtering upcoming appointments. Next to each of the column headers, you will see three dots.

Click on the dots so as to:

  • Sort by ascending or descending order alphabetically
  • Filter by any of the columns
  • Hide columns
  • Show Columns. This helps you to see the columns you had hidden

Lastly, in order to ensure whether the patient has confirmed the appointment, check the Status. 

  • If the status says ‘Booked’ it means that the patient hasn’t yet actioned on the reminder.
  • If the status says ‘Confirmed’ it means that the patient has confirmed the appointment.
  • If the status says ‘Declined’ it means that the patient has rejected the appointment.
    This gives the MOA a cue to utilize the freed-up time slot for another patient.

3. Payment History

‘Payment History’ is the fifth option in the hamburger menu on the left. 


With each monthly subscription, a clinic is entitled to send 1000 appointment reminders.

You can view the status of your payment here. If the ‘Status’ column does not show ‘Paid’ it means your payment is pending. Please get in touch with Brightsquid support to complete your payment process so you can seamlessly use the Appointment Reminder portal.

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