Patient Interaction Flow

This article talks about what the patients will see when they receive an appointment reminder from your clinic and how they can interact with the reminders sent.

  • Patients will receive an email or text message with information about their upcoming appointment.
  • They need to click on the blue button or link that says ‘View Appointment Details’ to confirm or decline the appointment.
  • Patients will be taken to the page to verify their details using their date of birth.
  • Once they input the correct date of birth and click on ‘Submit’, they have the opportunity to confirm their appointment. The patients have a choice to either ‘Confirm’ or ‘Decline’ the appointment. They can also fill out their COVID-19 screening form here if that feature was enabled by the clinic. Also, they have the provision to add the appointment to their most preferred calendar.
  • If the patient has confirmed the appointment, this is what they see. Please note that the patient will see the complete appointment details such as - date, time, name of the physician, and the clinic address. If they haven’t yet completed their COVID-19 screening, they can click on ‘Start’ to begin it even at this stage. Also, at this stage, the patient still has an opportunity to Decline the appointment.

  • If the patient clicks on ‘Decline’ the appointment there is an option to provide a reason for cancellation to be able to cancel the appointment.

  • This is the message the patient will see after cancelling their appointment.

    Please note that in the ‘Upcoming Appointments’ tabs of your Appointment Reminder application, you will see the below if the patient has declined your appointment.

    If the patient has declined an appointment, clinic staff must manually cancel that appointment in the EMR so you can book another patient or free up the slot. When a patient cancels their appointment it will not delete it from the schedule until a clinic member confirms the cancellation in the EMR. 

    Once the appointment is deleted from the schedule the patient will not be able to change their selection and “Confirm” the appointment.



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