Editing a submitted eReferral or eConsult

After you have submitted an referral for review you can edit the case if additional details about the patient needs to be added if it was not available at the onset. The case is only editable if it is not assigned.


To edit a case referral do the following:

  1. Log into your account
  2. The case you need to update click on the ‘Case #’ which is the first column to the left of your submitted referral cases:
  3. Using ‘Case #12 as the example, once the displayed number is clicked, the case form is opened:
    When the contents of the opened case display, click on the ‘Edit’ button to the top right.
    The case is locked to allow for the referral to be updated. If you no longer wish to edit the case, click the ‘Unlock’ button:
  4. The case was updated from ‘Routine’ to urgent as an example. Once this, or any other change is made click the ‘Save’ button to make the edits permanent:

If the case is assigned, the ‘eConsult Status’ and ‘Assigned’ column would indicate the change in the case referral state:
At this stage, the case cannot be updated but the contents can be viewed:7.png

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