How to update my email address?

Every Professional and Patient Secure-Mail account is associated with an email address. If a circumstance arises where your email address needs updating please follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to your account using your existing email address and password. You can click this link to get redirected to the login after reading this tutorial:

Step 2: Click on the 'Settings' option if you are on a desktop:
If on a mobile or tablet device tap/touch the three white bars to the top left:
When the navigation panel displays tap/touch 'Settings'.

Within the first tab, 'Personal Details', click/tap on 'Change' in the Email field:
Step 3: Add the new email address with the existing password:
Please note that the password will be the same as before for the sake of verification. 

Step 4: Click/Tap on Save. 
Step 5: Log out of your Secure-Mail account. If on a desktop, and a Professional user, click on the name of your clinic/organization to the top right:
In some instances, for Professional users, there are three dots to the top right. Click on it to logout:
If you are a Patient user, click/tap the three dots to the top right to log out if on a desktop or mobile/tablet device. If you do not log out and proceed to step 6, you may run into some trouble and would need to contact support for assistance.

Step 6: Access your new email for the confirmation/verification message to complete the email address update. Your Secure-Mail password remains the same.


-You may not change your email address to one that is already in use by another Brightsquid account holder.  If you need to deactivate an old account with a reserved email address please contact support.


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