How do I Attach files to a Secure-Mail message?

There are two way to attach  a file or files, to a Secure-Mail message:

Option 1 -Click the Browse button
Click the 'Browse' button.
The 'File Upload' windows launches for your web browser.
Navigate to the location where the patient digital records are stored on your workstation. Select the files to be attached to the message and click 'Open'.

Option 2 - Drag & Drop
Navigate to the location on your workstation where the patient digital records are stored. Position the open file location to easily drag your selected files.

Select one, or multiple files, to be attached to the message. Left mouse click, drag the file(s) to the attachment section of Secure-Mail. When the section changes color, release the mouse button.


Please click the link below to view a video tutorial on attaching files:


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