Why I do not have permission to view a message that was sent to me?

You have logged into your Secure-Mail account and notice that the message that you are trying to access is missing from your inbox and a red pop up message appears to the bottom right: "You do not have permission to view this message.  Did you login with the correct account"


This is typical when an office has multiple Secure-Mail accounts being accessed from the same workstation, web browser and in some instances email redirects from one email address to the next.

For example, your office has a "Dr. Smith" account and a "Jane Doe" account, if the message was sent to Dr. Smith but you log into Jane Doe's account, the message will not be displayed, but the error will pop up on log in.

Whenever this event occurs here is what you can do to fix the problem:

  1. Check to see what account you have logged into:
    Click on 'Settings' to the bottom left of the account
    When the 'Personal Details' tab loads, verify the email address associated with the account
  2. Log out of the current account to end the current access session
    Click on the ellipse (three dots in vertical alignment) and select 'Log out'
    Logging out ends the access session and avoids getting logged into the same account again.

  3. Check the Secure-Mail notification message email header to see what email address the message was sent to:
    The email address that is in the notification email message header lets you know which login to use to access Secure-Mail. Checking your email header depends on the service provider and if you access your account via web or mail client like Outlook.

  4. Log into the account using the correct email address login.

Additionally, give customer support a call if additional assistance is needed.

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